Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to our website. Whatever your decision may be we wish you the best in love and happiness. If you’re a returning client or a new client in need of a studio or environmental portrait we look forward to your visit. If your portrait could say one word what would it be?
Since 1991 we are the only photographers to offer Wedding, Studio and Environmental Photography on a full time basis in the Cambria area. The same is true today and we offer it digitally!!!
For our wedding cliental we offer what is the cutting edge today. State of the art, hand bound albums featuring montages (photos on photos) wedding albums in either the popular magazine type layout with montages or the more traditional one image per page layout. Our brides find it difficult to visualize their wedding album and that’s why we do all the design in house ourselves. We never send albums out to be designed by third parties. We are in charge of the end product so our costs are less than half of what we would need to charge and we are able to produce stunningly unique high quality albums. What we offer in the way of a product line is from what we have learned from our clients over the years. We will go over your design criteria at your consult.
Since telling the story of your wedding day and showing the relationship between the bride and groom is the main purpose of the wedding album we feel that digital truly excels in both instances. We are able to take a limitless quantity of photos, edit the photos and then design the album with the select photos including retouching to our standards.
Let’s face it the bride uses makeup to insure she looks good. Shouldn’t the photographer enhance her as well?
Often people call asking about quantities of photos.
It is true that once a photographer makes the initial purchase for a complete digital system they are little affected (cost wise) by the quantity of photos taken, this enables us up to take as many photo’s as needed especially during sequential events.
I have found myself taking as many as 100 photos an hour at a wedding with lot’s of excitement!!!
It is from this large quantity of photos we have taken we can choose create the story of your wedding day, from only the very best of the photos. Doesn’t this make more sense than giving you a bunch of unretouched proofs and calling them some other misleading term?
When we photograph a wedding, copies of the original electronic negatives will be ready for you to pick up the very next day!!!
We include photojournalism, so you will receive complete wedding coverage of your event.
We have 2 photographers at every wedding myself and my other half Jan who is a Signature Member of the Central Coast Watercolor Society. We have received Gold and Blue ribbons in Wedding, Portrait and Illustrative photography. Often times these were the highest scoring prints in their division. These awards were not from small local photographic groups consisting of two dozen members (Gold Coast) but from the Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area with over 300 members. |
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